Wednesday, November 18, 2009


They always say that the one who know you the most is yourself.
I am starting to doubt about that.
Sometimes, I really don't know who I am.
The mind is full of contradictions, which i am not sure where they actually come from.

Havin' no idea about right or wrong, yes or no, true or false.
When you're mean to face the true feeling, yet the fact tells you this is not a right thing to do.
Isn't hypocrite?
I hate this.
Right means false?
True is wrong?
Yes and no are equivalence?
Was totally puzzled with all these.
And what if i say that I can't even tell how i feel.
So what.

Whatever it is.
Now that so much had happen, i don't know how much courage is needed to confront reality.
Maybe i just need to have a little more faith.
A little more will do =)


  1. This is life. We see things from our own perspectives and thinking how will ppl judge it from societal view. but girl, dun doubt urself, You are you, muz have faith in urself. Don't ask the faith to come, it's deep inside ur heart.Be brave, look forward and love urself more^.^ oo ya, hope u hv fun in Mylds.. haha~ i met some aiesecers in YES.. they r great~

  2. ^^ be strong hunney!! =) jayvian was here =P

  3. Su fang: You've got the point.I will,definitely.Be brave right.And ya it's all inside of me. Thanks for tellin me all these.Appreciate much =) oh really?omg im afraid of MyLDS,frankly.Hope it will be fine. Btw take care gal!

  4. Jayvian: thanks gal! im really fine no worries.just being random =D