Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stacking upp!

Just done with the nutrition night yesterday night. Was totally exhausted. Slept till 11am something today. Indeed tiring but everything's worth when i can feel the warmth around. Perhaps should be thinking in another way round? Think positive,basically,it's a good thing as i wouldn't have any extra time to sit down and think about other nonsense stuffs =) Photos will be up soon.

I missed out Daddy's birthday this year, again. Saddd. Hm sorry daddy. Thanks for everything. Thou im not an obedient daughter still iknow you sayang me alot. I always claimed that i have many genes inherited from you,particularly those bad bad one haha =X. Well it's quite true as we are both
1) bit bull-headed
2) care a lot but pretend as if we dont care
3) not really good in mood management stuffs =p
Yea these are part of them. We can be similar in many sense rightt. Proud to have you in my life. So,
Happy birthday to my dearest daddy!!! Iloveyou.