Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend♥ Updates

Okay i know. Weekend is like yea,ages ago haha. Sad to say that life after exam is even busier than the exam week, indeed lotssS more hectic weh. I haven't really sit on the study desk since the Microb's test ended last Friday. God knows how much i wish that i could have more time to pamper myself. I just want to sleep longer, as simply as that. I haven't got enough sleep yet =(

Woke up early in the morning for breakfast and some grocery shopping. We embarked the journey to Broga Hill at 12pm sharp. We were assigned to do some sort of research on those indigenous group in Broga Hill.
Pajero fetching us to the destination.

Hit the journey.
Filled with limitless OHM !
Unluckily, it was a rainy day. The rain was pelting down like bullets, beat us mercilessly. Still, we have to walk in the wet and travel from one residence to another one.
I was supposed to wrap myself in the deep slumber. The weather was just nice for me to be in the slumber land. Definitely NOT an ideal day for us to carry out the research thingy.

Muddy shoes. Thanks to the spattering rain.
After rain comes the sunshine. That's really better. Mild weather.Warm ray. Gentle breeze. Scent the air?
Oh ya maybe someday we should conquer that hill =)

Stepping in and dealing face to face to the indigenous people provides me a glimpse of the beautiful but hidden part of our society. Yes, we do. Easily forgotten about the existence of those minorities,a group of people who can be considered more indigenous than the Malays.

A meaningful quote saying:
"We are not the brightest crayon in the box but we hope to bridge hidden communities with urbanites."

Saturday Night and Sunday

Right after that, went to Damansara meeting up loveliessss. Awww, i miss them badly. We have no chance to meet up for quite a longg time. Lui picked me up at Kelana station then we headed for dinner. Haha Y.E.A.H, as usual, we exchanged good and evil tidings ! **grinsS**
Later on, next station was Cheryl's house. Favourite place to over night and had pillow talk. SweeEEt.

We spent the whole night playin this.
J.E.R.A.M.I !!!

Ryl bought this in penang. Mini Jerami. It's CUTE right? Portable as well.

Of course, we have to use fingers to play. Too tiny weh. But it seems to become larger after playing for some time. Weird thing.

Cutiee Ryl.Trust me, she has the innocence of a child.Here comes the loser of the night. Not to mention that anymore, it was a sad case. I am always that unlucky. Kind of pissed off. Almost every round, i lose i LOSE. Lose doesn't implied that i am not skillful, right right? Just ignore this haha.

We love squeeeezinggg together =DRyl.Lui.I

Well,we actually talked talked talked till everyone dozed off. The next morning, we woke up earlier to have brunch together. And, we managed to meet up Heng in MV, catched a movie then.

Being with them is never bored, i really really feel comfortable. Thou i don't speak a lot, and basically im just too poor in expressing myself as well,but hm tht's me. Just me. Because friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.

Hmmm me likey the bonding session with them =))

Oh ya now I am going to meet someone i have never seen for like three months OMGG. Cant wait cant wait, gotta run! **Drift away**

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