Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pheww,2 subjects were officially down!!And 1 more to go on this Friday..and yes yes im looking forward eargrlyy.
Right after 10pm dis friday,i gonna turn study mode OFF !Doubtless,switch it to da shopping mode straight away,that's what i will do =)

Hmm all i can say is that exam drives ppl nuts.Somehow exams never failed to make me rather haggard and sluggish like a SO-PO.. especially the damn shitty statistics!!

All the phobia feelings towards maths,numerical stuffs came to me,like AGAIN! I was wondering wth that caused my sweaty hand shivering throughout the whole exam period in da hall.That kind of feeling sux to da max.It was exactly what i felt last two years, I have never expect this to take place again. This feeling will only diffuse in whenever i am facing FIGURES.

I just found it hard to analyze and interpret da question with some logical thinking. Heart beats and clock striking rhyme made da condition even worse. The optional answers given were not compatible with my final answer, nerve-racking! That's why i really hate maths banyak-banyakkk. I can never do it calmly.
By the way i had already accepted this fact.Undeniable one haha.

Okies. Last week, we were taken to somewhere in SS15 to visit the Federation of Family Planning Association (FFPAM). FYI, this visit is one of the field work for the subject,Maternal and Child Health. It is mainly about women's issues like pregnancy, contraceptive,HIV,reproductive health and bla bla. That's why it requires us to visit the federation's place for in depth information about the provision of health services. Needless to say,it was an academic visit,so we had to listen to a talk.@@

And here comes the most HAPPENING part, the demonstrator showed us the proper ways to use a CONDOM. Well, he actually explained that steps by steps weh. Everyone seems to be kinda excited as he came out with one artificial TUT-TUT and an expired condom, trying hard to do a detailed explanation.

Click to enlarge.Maybe you can figure out something.**18SX**

Frankly, I have never know that there are actually some steps and precautions that we need to take note,until he made all da explaination. I was like, OoO i SEeee, har now only i know it aint that simple like what i thought before that.

After that, he called upon someone among us to repeat the demonstration. SWT. God must be kind enough to bless me for not being asked to do the demo. Or else, hm cant even imagine that.Please lah, must be EXTREMELY nervous as everyone is going to stare at you. All you have to do is put that on, at the same time say it out loudly every single step that you're doing. No way for me !
The "lucky" girl. She was chosen to do da demo in front of the crowd.
Believe it or not. She was shivering when putting that on. Nervous huh.

Besides that, they passed around some actual devices used for contraception purposes.
Contraceptives Pill which is 99% effective method for contraception.Intra Uterine Device.

After all, still, it was a fruitful visit. It is true that we have learned a lot from the talk and demo part. Hmm anyway, I think we should envisage this type of education, perhaps more approaches should be taken in order to spread around the correct info to everyone, especially teens =))

Signing off. Piles of notes are waiting for me. Bless me =p

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