Friday, July 31, 2009

A very sudden break

Due to the pandemic outbreak of H1N1, UPM declared that we will be having 1 week holiday starting from 29th.
Trust me, this is not a good news haha.

When we first knew about this shocking news, we were like WAT?? Frankly, i just couldnt believe that because it was way too sudden. I just read about the article written in the newspaper clarifying about there's no any cases in this Uni. How could that be right. It was quite impossible. I was praying hard no to have holiday at this kind of moment.

I entered the lecture hall late, settled down and continue wondering about this stupid news. After a while, i saw people started to mutter around, some even walked out the hall, talking on the phone and bla bla bla. They even started to buy ticket going back that night. WOW. High efficiency i can say. People like me bothers not much about that, i hate being so rush.

The amazing part is that the lecturer was still being so calm, kept on explaining about the what what what techniques of microb. He didn't realize that the class was kind of kecoh because his eyes were on the PC's screen only. No eyes contact at all, that's why. Until someone raised their hand and voiced out. I still remembered the last line he said. We will stop here and go back to celebrate for H1N1. Swtttt. CELEBRATION huh?

I bet that no one actually feel good with this unexpected holiday. It upsets all the plans and progress of everything, yes everything i mean.

Let's see.

1) The uni authorities bring forward the mid august holidays.GEEZZ.For those whom already booked for the flight ticket back during mid semester break. I am one of them weh. Guess what i ve just booked that one day earlier before the announcement been made.Ishh.

2)The faculty night need to be postponed. I can see that the committees were putting much of efforts in preparation during the week and they were looking forward to make it a success on this Friday. But now everything messed up. Thou i am not going to attend this, but ill support you guys morally, everything ll be fine =))

3)My plan to watch the La Musique concert on Thurs ruined.

4)I 've just decided to start my preparation for the next week test. It's hard to make such a determined decision weh. But the holidays spoilt my mood, seriously. Like now, i am back to the holiday mood, like again! DUH..

5) And most importantly, it BOILED my phuket's trip indirectly!!! Night before this, we were still discussing, planning on the trip, full of enthusiasm. H1n1 is one of the factor that make others hesitate to travel around. But not me haha.
Kies. Enough to say about those. Expectantly, everyone rushed back to their room and started to pack their stuffs, locked their luggage and all those. And yes, expectantly, SuFang , HuiMin and I came out with a SUDDEN plan as well. We planned to stay one more day while people was escaping from the city. We ended up eating sumptuous dinner in MV. And, of course have fun =) I am glad that they were calm.

Chilis. I love the place.
Huimin-the landlady <3Waiting for me to set the camera as usual.

Deariess.SuFang- wise thinker <3
Out of the mess in the suffocated city, still we managed to make ourselves feel contented and blissful with yummy food and laughter. It's more than enough. Because even without fancy dresses, without admirable vehicles, without perfect bf, without happening life, we do smile even wider than anyone else. The true happiness, we cant see it but we can feel it, deep inside.

"The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken."


  1. I like the last paragraph.. We will continue to have fun and joy and happiness in this suffocated city even we might not have everythg we want but luckily i have u Enjoy life to the fullest~

  2. Exactly! more fun and joy coming uppp.. thou we are facing some sueh stuffs everyday,but we ll make it thru together..hearts!