Monday, July 13, 2009


It's Monday. I have only one class today =)
Initially, we planned to have lunch in Hospital Serdang but we ended up eating in the stu-pi-ak cafe. SWTT
The uni is too efficient in setting up security system i guess? They fixed the scanning staff's card thingy at the entrance of over bridge which link us to hospital(which is quite similar to tenang's !) From now onwards, i dont think we can sneak into the hospital anymore. =(
Hmm i supposed everyone is drowning in the assignment mode. But i am not so into that kind of mood. Perhaps the freaking hot weather is one of the factor. It was driving me up a wall Arghh. Weather is hot but ain't WARM at all. I miss the warmth of KayTee, i am feeling home sick right noww.

I miss KT a lot weh. Daddy mummy.Sis and lil bro. My comforter as well.

View from 6th floor. Heaven on the earth. The Sims. People i heart the MOST =))
Ms. Vivien. Tell me that we look alike LOL.
2 months never see you. Longing to see youu.

Lil bro. My best accompanion after my sis gone to college. I bet he misses me a lot *winks*

And of course, I-YEN-ers! In order to alleviate my homesick, hm outing please!=o

Good old days with besties. KayTee's beach.
I want to be at home!! Desperately.

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