Sunday, July 12, 2009

The beginning of new chapter

3 months of the hibernation period is finally over!
Here comes the second year, a brand new semester commences.

For the very first week, everything is okay(i think so *.*) except for the darn hostel.
My room has shifted to another block which is quite far away from the faculty, main gate and
But this is not the worst part. What drives me mad is that we need to move those boxes, luggage, bags, books and whatever that we left at the old block to the new place. Yes, all the way from 2nd level of this block to 3 level above ground floor of that block. And, omgg I have darn lotsa stuffs to carry and relocate. One of the boxes is kinda big, can't even see the path beneath my feet when carrying that. S.O.S!

Fortunately, my roomie was kind enough =) She asked her friends to help me when i was in that deep shit.
What a relieve.Guys, thanks for the help haha! As usual, we spent the whole noon cleaning up that super duper dirty room as it had been unoccupied for like 3 months. The dirt and dust, hm please imagine. The Roomie- Sophia

And, there was a cockroach in my room!!!
NO WAY!Lizards and cockroaches are too disgusting for me,I really dont feel like cohabit with them.

Due to boredom-ness throughout the whole week, we were like slacking around in the uni without any purposes.

Morning : Lecture hall - Day dreaming and some sleep?haha A better place to rest instead of the humid hostel
Cat and Winnie LOL

During gap : Library - Camwhore, Slacking, Chit chat like no one's bussiness
Hm bad example. Please behave yourself when you're in the library =p

WuLiao.Creepy...... Effect of reflection.
Saw someone sit in meditation. A weirdo i guess.

After class : Living Room - Gossip 996

Night : Room - Go to bed at 1200a.m.(Daddy, see, i managed to adjust my bedtime well thou i used to sleep at 4am during the long holiday*winks*)

I would like to declare this solemnly. There's no class on Friday during this semester =)
So, came out with the plan to MidValley with girlss.

Lunch. Watched 'Obsessed'. Shopping. Grocery shopping.

"A good beginning makes a good ending."
By the way, I don't think slacking around is a good beginning.


  1. hahaha.. the roomie sophia should b changed to the maid 'so-phia'~~ haha~ reli look lyk maid with the mop and the name.. LOL..

  2. haha..funny wehh..the maid ha..sophiaaa~